Gourmet Housewarming Gift Baskets

One of the most popular types of housewarming gifts is a themed basket which is an exciting form of the gift. Here we have provided some nice gourmet housewarming gift basket ideas:

Breakfast Baskets

The breakfast basket can be filled with top score products such as:

kitchen jams
chocolate syrups

If this gourmet breakfast gift basket contains tea and cookies then it’s a pleasure for the recipient and it can be presented for all season’s housewarming.

Snack Gift Baskets

Snack gift baskets are the perfect gift ideas for the family, friends, clients and business. It is an excellent form of housewarming gifts. The content of this snack gift basket is:

mouth-watering pretzel dips
cocktail nibblers
cookie brittle
potato chip cookies
snack mix.

Italian gourmet gift Basket

An exotic Italian gourmet gift basket consist of some delicious product such as:

Italian Oregano
garlic bread dipper
roasted garlic vinaigrette
Italian bread sticks
Italian vegetables
Basilicata pasta sauce
tri-colored rainbow pasta

Sea Food Gift Basket

The sea food gift basket is made up of nautical foods and it can be a elegant gift when wrapped with an ocean theme. The sea food gift basket comprising of:

smoked salmon
creamy lobster bisque
crab dip
barnacles snack mix
chowder pack


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